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2015 Papers

Sustainable Economic Development in BRIC Countries through Engineering Education

2014 Papers

Creating new technical universities in developing countries


2013 Papers

        Innopolis University A New IT Resource for Russia

        American Influence on Engineering Education in the Middle East

2012 Papers

         Exporting US Quality Assurance Models in Professional Programs 

2011 Papers

         Quality Assurance in International Education

         Quality Assurance in Teacher Education

2010 Papers

         Transforming Middle East Economies Through Education, Research and Innovation

2009 Papers

         Chasing the Pot of Gold

         Exporting American Higher Education

         Attracting Engineering Students in Oil-Rich Middle East Countries

         Transforming an Economy Through Research and Innovation

2008 Papers

         Strategic Energy Directions - a Case Study

         Sustainable Development Through Technical Capacity Building

         UNESCO Engineering Report Chapter


2007 Papers

         Engineering Capacity Building in Developing Countries to Promote Economic Development

         Engineering Capacity Building in Developing Countries

2006 Papers

         A Career in Capacity Building

         Offshore outsourcing and the dawn of the post-colonial era of Western engineering education

         Declining Interest in Engineering Studies at a Time of Increased Business Need

         Quality Engineering Education for the Arab States Region

         Impact of Capacity Building on the Mobility of Engineers

         Updating for Engineering Faculty Members in Developing Countries

         Brain Drain Concerns in Technical Capacity Building

         Engineering Capacity Building in Developing Countries

2005 Papers

         Teaching Entrepreneurship to Engineering Students

         Technical Capacity Building in Developing Countries to Promote Economic Development

         Megatrends in Engineering Education Today

         Engineering for a Better World

         The Engineer of the Americas

         Engineering and the Millennium Development Goals

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