International exchanges - Depth and breadth of experience in working in the international arena, in higher education, professional associations, and government programs. Ability to work in many languages. Previous programs conducted in Latin America, Western Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe, Far East, Australasia, Africa, Middle East, and North America as well as the United States. Can brief clients on trends and opportunities in American higher education, professional associations, licensure and cross-border practice, American government, and technological industry.

American expertise in education - Extensive experience and expertise in professional education, teacher education, and liberal arts education at several major American universities and at the national and international levels. Can provide to clients guidance on curriculum development, program review, faculty evaluation and renewal, student assessment, graduate placement, continuing education, institutional restructuring, international exchange programs, resource development and allocation, etc. Extensive experience in accreditation and program certification.

Connections and Networking - Multitude of contacts at American universities and colleges, with professional associations, national and state government agencies, and with American industry. Extensive networking with international universities and associations.

Ability to negotiate appropriate connections internationally for the mutual benefit of such organizations, minimizing brain drain from developing countries. Can provide  introductions, connections, and  periodic digest of relevant international developments tailored to clients’ unique needs.

Grant opportunities - Extensive experience in grant proposal development and selling, to both government agencies and private foundations. Can provide to clients a regular digest of appropriate grant opportunities, and can arrange partnering of international organizations with American counterparts to pursue such opportunities. Proposal development and marketing for international clients.

Representation in Washington - Substantial experience and expertise in representation of organizations to the American government and to state government agencies. Can represent international organizations in making appropriate contacts and representations for exchanges, entry into programs, and proposal submission.

Representation to fund agencies - Experience with World and regional development banks and their programs, and to both public and private funding agencies in the United States. Can provide proposal development and marketing for international clients.  

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